The Citrus Diaries

The clocks now say it’s summertime, the forecast is good for the foreseeable future and I had enough energy after a week’s illness to be able to unwrap the citrus. We’ve had disastrous snow, hail and freezing temperatures going as low as -10℃ on more than one occasion. I’d been careful to wrap up my citruses in hessian, but it wasn’t enough. They needed fur coats and snowboots.


20 year old lemon trees
L-R Rangpur lime, Navel orange, Persian lime
The Rangpur lime (yes, with orange fruit), looks to have fared one of the worst, but it puts on a lot of growth each year, so I have hope of a rescue.
Persian lime looking very sorry for itself
Sweet Persian lemon which was in thick mulch and well-protected. It just might recover.
The navel orange looks to have weathered the freezing conditions the best.


The grapefruit, orange and lemon on the west wall look pretty shabby but who knows?


Signs of new growth on the heavily protected, but outdoor, Buddha’s Hand


The only citrus light enough to go in the greenhouse was this lemon which is doing brilliantly. It’s covered in fruit and flowers.
I kept the greenhouse just above 7℃ and it has paid off. Aubergines, tomatoes, chillies, peppers coriander, dill, parsley and zinnia are all coming on nicely.
Help from the under-gardener, Scout.


So, for the moment, I’m just going to see how the citruses fare. I shall prune back by about a third and feed them well. I’m hoping that, with a bit of TLC, I’ll be able to resurrect the majority of them.