I know it’s a fault….

… to be so keen to get the growing year underway, but I can’t help it. Today I’ve sown two types of tomato, some aubergines and some Cape gooseberries. The latter take so long to ripen that it often coincides with the first frosts of autumn which sees them off instantly. So I’m hoping to steal a march.

For the moment the seeds & seedlings are on the heated floor of the sitting room in the perfect nursery greenhouse. Once they have two proper leaves and have been potted on they can go into the newly repaired greenhouse. If we have a risk of heavy frost I’ll cover them up.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and the solar panel I put in for garden lighting has topped the battery up within a couple of hours. So far I’ve made 32 x 12v LED lights that come on at dusk and automatically turn off after five hours. They hardly make a dent in the capacity of the battery so I’ll be making lots more. There are currently three circuits; one for the drive and one side of the courtyard; another for the other side of the courtyard, lighting an olive tree and the car park. The final circuit goes along the front of the house to light the sunken path. To my absolute shock they have survived torrential rains, flooding and gale force winds. I’m astounded that a 40cm x 26cm 100w solar panel can produce that much power. We should/could be harnessing so much more of the sun’s energy.