New beginnings

The first of the chilli and pepper seeds have germinated and already I can taste those delicious salads of the summer to come.

The last tempest blew a door off the greenhouse and smashed three entire panes so today I rehung the door and replaced the glass. Luckily I had three panes of exactly the right size. When we first ordered the greenhouse it arrived with much of the glass broken. The suppliers sent an entire new load and I kept that that was salvageable. So now is its moment to shine.

Lots more seeds arrived in the post yesterday so I can look forward to sowing Shiraz peas, Ruby Streaks mustard, Red Army amaranth, Moneymaker aubergines, Chinese cabbage, Red borlotti beans, dwarf Cape gooseberries, Violet radishes, Boltardy beetroot along with Sun Belle and Rosella tomatoes. I have lots of other seeds ready for this year but those are the ones on my desk right now. How very exciting.