Another year, another start

I was very remiss in keeping up this website last year. I had decided it was easier for me to look at a book, so I wrote everything down instead of writing posts. However, I realise that I miss looking back at the photos, seeing what happened when and being able to compare years and progress easily. So here I am again.

This year’s sowing has just begun, in modules on the floor of the lightest spare bedroom. It’s heated but I don’t yet know if there will be enough light once they’ve germinated. For the moment the greenhouse is full of holes thanks to some ferocious winds over the past couple of weeks. However, is is unseasonably mild and we will, no doubt, be hit by late frosts. It is only mid January after all.

The chillies and the peppers are leading the charge and I will wait a short while before moving on to aubergines and more herbs. I say more because I have had parsley and coriander growing perfectly all winter in the greenhouse but we need more. I’ll probably sow some winter salad leaves to eat whilst tiny.

I think I’ve decided not to force the rhubarb. This is its third year since planting and last year was the first time we picked it. If I force it I will weaken the plant and not be able to pick again next year. On the other hand I have three plants so maybe it’s worth forcing just one for that delicious, tender, early rhubarb. I’ll see.

About a month before Christmas I bought some garlic heads to plant. Of course a ton of things got in the way and I didn’t get around to planting the individual cloves until today. It was a joy to be out in the sunshine and to have the first raised bed weeded and planted. However garlic is supposed to need a protracted cold period to do well and mine have been languishing in luxury in the house. So who knows how they’ll turn out.

The record of sowing and germination can be found here: Seed Table 2018