First day of Spring

Don’t you just love this time of year? The days are getting warmer, wild flowers are out in abundance and the seedlings are coming along nicely in the greenhouse.

Here are some wild flowers spotted on our dog-walk yesterday.

The greenhouse seedlings are just beginning to pop up their heads. And so are the wasps. I could do without the latter. They are the bane of my greenhouse life.

IMG_3921_sm IMG_3922_sm IMG_3923_sm IMG_3924_sm
Courgette seedlings

It’s been unseasonably warm with daytime temperatures in the region of 16-25 degrees. I have to be sure to open the greenhouse door during the day and to water fairly frequently so the seeds don’t dry out. We had our first rhubarb of the season this week. Utterly delicious.

The featured image is of wild dwarf daffodils in the hills above Faugères opposite our home.