And so the gardening year starts again

Having been on my antipodean holidays and seeing all the beautiful gardens in full swing, I’ve come back with renewed verve. I’m really keen to get on with the big clear-up and sowing. Yesterday I cleared out the garden workshop which is below the house. A rodent had had a high old time during the winter and had eaten every single one of my treasured seeds. It had left the most incredible mess and, frankly, I was a bit afraid to start clearing it up. However yesterday I was in a fearless mood and I knew that if I didn’t do it the job would become the elephant in my way. So now it’s done.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the agricultural suppliers to buy new seeds. Here’s the list of what’s going in in the next short while. Fortunately I kept a drawer full of flower seeds in my office and they are safe from Mr Rat.



Today I set to with seed sowing in the greenhouse. The weather is extremely changeable outside. We’ve had gale force winds for the past few days and this afternoon it rained. The water tanks are full after some very heavy extended rainy periods during the winter. At one stage last month I had to empty the tanks because the rain was so persistent I thought it would flood the basement where all the water tanks live.



The greenhouse was used properly all winter, unlike in the past when I’ve just used it to store tender plants. As a result we have dozens of viola ready to plant out, we had an ample supply of coriander and Chinese greens all winter. The mint kept going and there are some rather game kohl-rabi doing their best, but not really very successfully. Outside temperatures dropped to -10C on two occasions and the greenhouse is not heated. Also a tempest blew some glass out of the windows and it took me a few days to replace it, so I can’t say that the greenhouse has been a completely sparkling success. However, now is the time it come into its own again, bringing on seedlings for the potager. It’s the time of year I absolutely love the best.