My new toy

The garden measures 100m from end to end and 40m wide. Whenever I garden there’s always something heavy that I need from the opposite end of the garden, so I bought a ride on mower. It’s less for mowing as our grass grows sporadically depending on whether we’re in drought or deluge. What I really want it for is to tow our small trailer.

When the mower arrived it (I ordered it online) it came without a tow hitch attachment. I searched the internet and was appalled to see that they are around 70 UK pounds each. Whaaaaat? That seems an awful lot. So I made one from parts bought from our local Bricomarché for 14 euros. It seems to work fine. Today I towed the trailer containing four bags of bark, so that was a reasonable test.

img_2268 img_2269 img_2270

I set to weeding a neglected section of the long border, then planted a Petrovia, a Polygala myrtifolia and something else that I’ve forgotten – also purple. Along with that I finally planted the alliums that I bought at the Malvern Spring Show. In went 5 Purple Giant, 5 Mt Everest, 10 Globemaster and 5 Schubertii. Oh and a few extra bulbs bought from Aldi a while ago.

I now ache from head to toe as it’s the first real gardening I’ve done for months. Feels good though.

img_2275 img_2278 img_2279