An August update

Sowing winter crops

It’s been a while since the last post but it’s been so hot for weeks now that gardening happens in brief snatches either early in the morning or late in the evening. When I say gardening, I really mean watering since everything is parched from relentless temperatures in the mid to high 30s. I think we’ve all had enough now and we’re desperate for some overnight rain to break the heaviness and restock the tanks. We have just 4500 litres left for the garden and after that the plants are on their own/ We currently have a ban on watering from the mains and there’s no rain forecast for at least two weeks.

I did manage to survive the heat long enough to sow some seeds for the next batch of basil, parsley and coriander plus some kale borecole 1000 heads and some conical cabbage. I’ll have to pay close attention to the watering so the seeds don’t dry out too much. Today there is a cooling breeze, so for that I’m grateful.

Apple trees

This morning I mowed the weeds. The ground is crackle dry but some weeds had managed to become knee high on dew alone. It looks a lot better and the dogs should be happier. I’m also using roof-water to drip-water the apple trees. There is quite a good crop although, despite hanging pheremone traps, I have one tree which is quite severely damaged by codling moth already. It’s the Reine de Reinette. There are only about two apples on the Fuij, lots of Granny Smiths that seem relatively unaffected, lots but tiny on one of the trees that came from the vineyard (the red appples) and loads of healthy-looking fruit of a decent size on the green apple that also came from the vineyard. The Elstar by the cemetery is looking healthy with a good crop of small apples. I suspect it needed rather more water to swell the apples. The two grey apples by the potager also look dry despite having been given more water than all the rest.

I’m going to have to take out at least one apricot and one peach which have not done at all well. Peaches have really suffered from leaf curl despite having sprayed with bouille bordelaise during the winter and spring.