Plant supports

I haven’t been able to find plant supports anywhere commercially, so we got some made. They work a real treat and are a mere 3.50 euros each. The are made from strong 6mm steel which has a simple rust finish helping it to disappear into the natural scenery. They are great for holding back plants which naturally flop or bush outwards. At the end of the season just pull them up, store them for the winter and use them again year after year.

Type 1 is narrow and U-shaped. Dimensions 35cm across and 80cm high. €3.50 each


Type 2 is more rounded and you can use two back to back to completely encircle a large shrub. Dimensions 88cm across and 90cm high. €3.50 each


Type 3 is a wide bow. Dimensions 1m across and 80cm high. €3.50 each


Here they are in action in gale force winds:

IMG_0589 IMG_0588 IMG_0586

By pre-order and collection only. Contact us if you are interested.

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