I’ve been waiting..

…for the big freeze to come. It’s been the most ridiculously mild winter that, counter-intuitively, I am really late with my seed sowing. I just felt sure that we’d have an incredibly cold snap and that all my work would be wasted, so I held off.

Until yesterday, that is. I had a jolly good clear out in the greenhouse then set to, sowing sweet peppers; Marmande, cherry and Ste Pierre tomatoes; courgettes; aubergines; coriander, lemon, purple and giant basil and lots of zinnias.

Today, in the potager I’ve planted seed potatoes and sown lots of beans and peas to add to the ones I sowed last autumn. I still have a ton of work to do in the potager and the rest of the garden, but we’re on our way for 2016.