How easily I am distracted

When I woke to the most beautiful autumn sunrise this morning I decided I’d give the potager a good clear out. I planned to take up all the remaining tomatoes, aubergines, NZ spinach, peppers and so on. The butternut plants have had a whack of frost so they look atrocious and ready for the compost heap.

However, first I needed to shower, wash my hair and get dressed. Then the postman distracted me with a delivery which had to be pored over. Breakfast delayed things yet further, then the dishwasher needed to be emptied and re-filled. A couple of things just had to be ordered on the internet today, then my partner needed to find an obscure item locally today, for which we knew neither the name in French, nor where we could get it from. So that took a while. Then the dogs had to be exercised in the garden.

Then it started to rain.

So here I am doing the blog and feeling cheated. Am I the only one who is so easily diverted. or is it always like that?