Spring blossom

At the moment we have an abundance of blossom on the peach, apricot & almond trees. But the real highlight of the spring is the arrival of blossom on two trees found growing at the roadsides here in southern France. The first, and most common, is the Cercis siliquastrum  or Judas Tree. Although it grows in profusion in the hedgerows here, in its native Israel the tree has protected status. We had one in the garden of our last house, but after flowering the tree produces a profusion of black pods which are less than attractive, so I’m happy to admire them in the wild.

judas tree
Cercis siliquastrum – Judas Tree


My favourite, however, is the Paulownia tomentosa or Foxglove tree which you also find here. (There is a beauty on the road from Roujan to Vailhan just after the turning up to the church.)

paulownia tomentosa
Paulownia tomentosa – Foxglove tree


What these trees have in common is that they flower before the leaves appear so you have the pleasure, albeit brief, of seeing the flowers in all their glory. The Paulownia is an incredibly fast-growing tree. Native to China, it has a special place in the traditions of the country.

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