A smack on the lips….

…..from a kiwi, to mark the start of the warmer weather. Today was glorious. A day to tempt you to work in the garden. I did tons – sowing seeds in the greenhouse, unwrapping the lemons from their hessian cloaks, weeding all the citrus so they don’t have to fight for nutrients. I also laid out a new area of the garden. These aren’t the final plants that will go in, but I wanted to see roughly how the area will work once it’s planted.


This is the plan from my garden software.

visitors car park

It’s a reworking of the visitor’s car park, through some new beds, on through a hedge and past the new swim-spa to the terrace. The swim-spa is currently waiting to go through the Panama Canal on it’s long journey here to us. It’s overdue thanks to a strike and go-slow involving dockworkers in the USA. The delay has obviously delayed planting, so I’m very frustrated and hope it arrives by the end of this month otherwise the plants will struggle to get their roots down before the hot weather arrives.

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