Is it any wonder…

…that I was afraid to go into the greenhouse towards the end of last summer? I’m allergic to wasp stings and terrified of them, so when an angry mob took up residence I beat a retreat. Thankfully it was way too hot in the greenhouse to need it during the summer. Today, whilst sowing tomatoes and physalis, I found this wasps’ nest lurking in the bottom of a large plant pot in the greenhouse. They’d chosen the hottest spot, well away from the door.


When I found a nest once before I made the mistake of spraying it with wasp-icide whilst my tender young seedlings were there. Almost all of the seedlings died, so the wasps had the final say. This time I sprayed the nest at the end of the summer when there was nothing else in the greenhouse. Either the all flew away and didn’t come back or they simply oxidised. Either way i was glad not to find them in the nest.

I read somewhere that new wasps will not come into a space where there’s a nest already so I intend keeping this empty nest somewhere obvious to repel newcomers. i’m sure wasps have a really useful place in the world, but I’d much rather they didn’t come anywhere near me.

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