2015 – and it’s back to the garden

After a winter too ghastly to think about (family stuff), it’s a joy to be able to think about this year in the garden. We have finally sold our old house so now I can concentrate my efforts at the new one. The winter has been long and very wet. We had so much rain during the autumn and early winter that I stopped recording how much rain we were harvesting and emptied all the tanks. They were overflowing all the time and we frequently had three pumps going to empty them during the heaviest of the storms.

So yesterday I started by photographing all the flowers that are in bloom, without any care or attention from me.


I wanted to give the fruit trees a helping hand, so I weeded and carefully dug around them and added Orgasyl and Orga 3 fertiliser.


I did nine of the apples, peaches and apricots and have about another ten to do. I also sowed one raised bed of spuds – Jaerla earlies. I’m not usually very successful with potatoes as I get impatient and/or need the space, so I usually dig them up too soon. Maybe this year will be different!

Things have gone well in the greenhouse. Overwintered pelargonium cuttings are looking very healthy and we have had a steady supply of coriander and Chinese greens. I’m waiting to see if the laurier rose cuttings take root. I tried several different methods – water, good soil, poor soil, so it’ll be interesting to see which is the most successful.


The comfrey tea is looking excellent after a long period of development. I’m intending using it on the vegetable plants later.


Currently we have pots of hyacinths all over the place. I failed to get them up for Christmas so I’ve held them back in the greenhouse and now they are coming into the house in stages.



I would have done a lot more gardening today had it not started snowing halfway through my weeding session!


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