The local garden centres have an extremely limited range of plants at this time of the year, but I prefer to put shrubs in now so that they have a good chance of developing good roots well before the dry times come. So I am resigned to ordering online.

I’m not so gullible as to believe the showy displays of what I am about to buy – the camera often lies. However, imagine my disappointment when this little lot arrived from http://www.plantes-et-jardins.com .


There are 18 plants here, at a tad under 90 euros including delivery. This is how they are displayed online alongside what I actually received.



Gaillardia – completely root bound



Leucanthemum, which must have been in this small pot for two years at least



Catmint – almost invisible/dead.

And here’s the bill. The Ceanothus was fine and well packed.

plant bill

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