Fish or no fish?


I’m thinking of digging a pond in this area. The plan would be to have a kind of boardwalk leading to the bench, then water filling the majority of the space inside the lavenders and rosemary. Neither of those plants like water so the pond would have to be well separated from them. I’m imagining a shingle beach leading through pond plants to a deeper inner area where we could sit on the boardwalk and dangle our feet in the water.

It’ll take some digging because we’re on rock and shale. I may have to hire a digger; now wouldn’t that be fun? Anyway, I’ve looked at hundreds of Youtube videos of pond building, including all the ones showing epic failures. I’m planning to dig it, line it with compacted sand, then with geotextile, and finally with a butyl liner. It needs to be free form and resistant to the heat and sun. It also has to be completely bomb-proof since any escaping water would wash the bones out of the cemetery below and likely prompt an international incident.

As for fish, I’m in two minds. How long do we think they would last with a husky prowling round?  The only thing in their favour is that said husky hates water so would be highly unlikely to venture beyond his ankles. He might wait until a stupid fish swam into his mouth though; he’s very patient.

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