Don’t take hasty decisions

Here are three examples of why a bit of patience can reap unexpected rewards.

one Last year my pal Alex gave me two olive trees that she had removed from her garden. I dug big holes, planted them and then watched them die over the coming months as small creatures started sucking the sap from underneath the bark. I dug one of them up and replaced it with an apple tree, but the other I left in place. I rather liked its sculptural nature. Last week I was passing by the tree and noticed something green near its base. Would you believe it? The tree has started to regrow from the bottom.


two This Spring I transplanted a yucca from our old house to the new garden. I chopped off six pups and they are all doing famously. There was nothing left on the mother plant, but I thought I’d plant it anyway, just to see what would become of it. Well, that too has started producing new growth from the bottom.


three While I was at Chelsea Flower Show last month, the Languedoc experienced some ferocious winds, during which my lovely Ginkgo Biloba tree was snapped clean in half. To be fair it snapped at a weak point where the landscape gardeners had fixed it to a post with wire when they planted it for me. I didn’t notice that the wire was cutting into the tree until a couple of months later, when I swiftly removed it. However, imagine my delight yesterday when I noticed that it, too, had begun to sprout new growth below the break.


So the moral of this story is – don’t be too hasty to give up on a tree or plant. It may surprise you.


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