Can you hear it?


Our garden is rowdy with the sound of plants and trees slurping up welcome rain. We’ve harvested 3500 litres from the roof since 6.30 this morning. Now all our tanks are full again, so we’re throwing water away.

It seems an awful waste. Had we realised just what the real potential rain harvest was I think we might have put in a larger capacity system. All it make me think is that those tiny water butts on the side of houses are nothing more than mosquito catchers. Can you really support a garden from 300 litres?

Rain Harvest is a neat little app that can help you calculate how much rain you could take from your roof. Or you can calculate on line here.  You can Google average annual rainfall to find the amount for your town. Ours averages 80,000 litres per year from our roof. Amazing eh?

I’m particularly pleased that the trees and shrubs are having a proper drink. The soil has become very dry over the past two or three weeks thanks to bright, hot sunny days with some ferocious winds. It should be great for the apples, plums, apricots and peaches.

Now I wonder what the weather will bring for Chelsea flower Show tomorrow. I’m off to catch the plane later today. Maybe I’ll see you there?

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