My garden’s become a refuge for unwanted plants. I regularly receive e-mails like this, the latest:

Hi Lizzie

Are you still interested in Rescue plants? There’s bug eaten roses (the leaves) and healthy winter sicklomens


So this is what ‘healthy winter sicklomens’ look like (after watering, trimming and re-potting.) Six were salvageable, and one was slimy and full of slugs. Yuk.


We’ll see how they do.

As for the rest of the carrier bag, there was one dead eucalyptus, raised in a pot and maybe never watered? (If you’re reading this JdeP, I’m sure you’ll tell me it had 20 litres a day!); one small standard rose with barely a leaf and a million crossing stems and three tiny roses in a single clump. (Bottom left of the picture.)


Two of these roses are worth a punt and one was completely dead. So we’ll see how they get on once they can see all the other healthy plants around them. It does feel like the dogs home for plants, but all find their place and most fare very well. The two all-but-dead figs, a withered jasmine and a groggy yucca from the same donor are doing famously.

The standard rose now looks like this after a jolly good haircut, a drink and its feet in some soil.


I’ll keep you posted

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