An odd start to the year

January was marked by being wet and mild. This is our first winter here, so I don’t know if it is usual to have so much rain. Having lived just a 15 minute drive further south, in the flatter part of the Languedoc, the winters were usually windier and very much drier. Can it really be so different here in the hills?

Anyway, I’m taking advantage of the milder weather and sowing has begun in the greenhouse. The myriad wallflowers have been moved out onto the staging. I’m trying to fool this biennial into thinking it’s already had its first year, in the hope that it will flower this summer.


As you can see we have hundreds and I’m really not sure where they are all going to go, but I just can’t throw young plants away when they’ve fought valiantly to grow this far.

This week I’ve been sowing in modules for the first time. Usually I scatter seeds in trays and prick them out into larger pots and so on. It is tedious and it takes forever. I’m hoping the module approach will speed things up. I had these trays, modules and propagation lids sent from the Plant Pots Direct in the UK, failing to find any suitable suppliers in France.

seeds general

Each seed has its own space to grow, then when it’s big enough I’ll pop them into larger pots, without having to extricate each seedling from a tangled mess.

seeds close

Yesterday the sun shone as though it was Spring already. This apricot has been fooled into early bud, but I shall wrap it up if frost is forecast.


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