Lots done today

It was the most beautiful, calm and mild day so I set to clearing out weeds from the bed by the garage and by the fire pit then planted another 50 wallflowers and three hollyhocks.  With a bit of luck we won’t have any hefty frosts until they’ve spread their roots a bit. It’s certainly mild enough for that to happen at the moment. Daffodils are showing about a couple of centimetres in the azalea tub. I’m down to the last packed tray of wallflower seedlings so I potted on another 48 of those. I’m tempted to give up on the rest as I have so many and I’m running short of space and pots.

The young plane trees had a shaping prune as did the fruit trees. I used a fairly gently touch as they really are still very young. I also cut off all the spent flower stalks from the lavender in the parterre, and cut down the grasses too. I may have lost a few grasses due to the absolute drenching they had in the autumn, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile a bit of luck – when I transplated some roses from the vineyard at the end of October. Once planted, I pruned them quite hard to give them a fighting chance. I dipped a couple of the pruned shoots in rooting hormone and stuck them in the ground. And here they are now. Free plants always bring a smile to my face.



I know the cut is the wrong way on the bottom cutting but it doesn’t seem to have harmed the shoot.

Finally, I gave all the citrus trees a mid-winter feed. For the moment they are all looking just fine inside their winter coats. I have my fingers crossed that they’ll survive the winter chills.


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