It may be winter outside

….but in my heart it’s spring*. We returned to La Caumette after spending Christmas and New Year a few kilometres down the road, to find that the house was sitting in a cloud again. This really is the garden of all day mists at this time of year. It was very mild out, but there was not a hint of the sun.


Never mind – this is the perfect time to sort out seeds and to carry on potting up wallflowers in the greenhouse. Some of those I potted earlier are now over 12cm tall, so I decided to risk a late planting and I put out a dozen or so into the bed under the big window. The soil is moist and not at all cold, there is almost no wind and it’s mild The forecast is for more of the same, so I’m hoping the plants can get a hold before the frost of early spring. Daytime temperatures are a steady 15 degrees with 10 degrees overnight. I have several hundred wallflowers, so I think it’s worth the risk. In any case I don’t have any more space to put freshly potted seedlings, so some more established plants have to make way. Ideally they should be planted out in late August mid-September (if you live in the UK) but here it’s way too hot at that time of year so I delayed everything. They may not work at all, but we’ll see.

As for seeds, I love this time of year. I’ve been ordering unusual seeds and it’s  very exciting when they pitch up in the letterbox. It’ll be a few weeks before I sow them in the greenhouse, but meanwhile I can do lots of research so that I make the most of them.

seed packets


*”It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring)” – song written by Felice Taylor and Barry White in 1966

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