It’s been a smashing Christmas


Ferocious storms have been battling over the gardens of our pals in the British Isles during the past ten days, but we’ve been untouched. We’re obviously far enough away to have avoided the side-swipe. Well, almost. We had one night of hefty winds which succeeded in blowing out the greenhouse door.


It’s left a bit of a gap, but fortunately the weather is so mild that none of the plants inside have suffered. I’m contemplating replacing the glass with some sort of polycarbonate. The glass is so fragile.


I’m still very worried about my lovely picea pungens which is also fragile. It really doesn’t look any better than it did before all the rains. Next time I’m in Pézenas I’ll call by the nursery to see if they have any ideas about what is causing it to look so awful. The needles have dropped in a carpet and the tree looks sickly. Everything I have read says that they can do this in their first year after planting, but nothing tells me what to do about it.

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