Marathon task

Finally, all 121 plants are in the new parterre. I consider it a parterre because it is a formal arrangement, it’s just asymmetric , which is less usual.

IMG_4890 IMG_4891

I’m absolutely exhausted – it was probably too much for one 61 year-old woman to do on her own, but I’m still here, the heart attack looks as though it’s been averted, so that’s all good. The rotavator had done brilliantly, but I had to pickaxe all the holes for the santolina as the ground was just too dry and hard for the rotavator to have dug deep enough.

Now I have to ensure that the plants don’t dry out in their first year, after which they should get on fine on their own. There will be weed hoeing to do and clipping to be done to keep the bushes in shape. But essentially they are low maintenance. Let’s hope the dogs don’t dig too many up before the plants have put out strong enough roots to fight them off.

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